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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kalai Arasi

Cast : MGR, Bhanumathi, M.N. Nambiar, P.S. Veerappa

This is a rare movie not shown in T.V. You might try and watch this movie in two movie viewer since there is a mismatch is dialouge and film reel running. In one movie viewer you may watch the actual movie without sound and in another movie run it for sound. Match those and watch the movie if you are interested. If not you may prefer skipping this movie.

This is the only movie in this site that you will find mismatch in Dialogues and film image in just Part-1, Part-2 onwards are good as usual.


Starring : 


Maduri Devi

Anjali devi

Production : Jupiter Films

Music : C.R.Subbaraman

Dialogues : A.S.A.Sami

Direction : K.Ramanath


A dancer in the kings court  (Anjali Devi) plots to kill the  king (Serukalathur Sama).   Thereafter she usurps the throne.    His son Karikalan (MG Ramachandran), saved by the commandant, grows up as Robin Hood type of do-gooder, protector of the oppressed and who organizes against the queen (Anjali Devi).  In his effort a unknown person (Marma Yogi) helps him 

It ran for 151 days

Released on : 02-02-1951

First Punch Dialogue

The very first punch dialogs ever uttered in Silver screen by MGR was in Marmayogi. The movie which was released in 1951 and catapulted MGR to Super Stardom. The punch dialog for this movie was “கரிகாலன் குறி வைத்தால் தவற மாட்டான் தவறுமாயின் குறி வைக்கமாட்டான்” was often repeated by MGR. Source : mgrroop's blog

Marma Yogi Punch Dialog from mgrmovies on Vimeo.

Await full movie this week.


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