Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kannan En Kadhalan


oZzy moved away earlier, I miss his cock, for always hungry for intercourse.


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When this film was released in jaffna srilanka at rani theater I watched a first show it was started 6am during pongal festival. I waited almost 7hrs to get a ticket. We came to theater around 11pm. Wondafull memories .even though you have a ticket finding a seat would be a nightmear as you never know you are quaraling with ullur sandian if that is the case then you will be attack the following day with the same gang. So some times I left the theater without finding the seat. You can't complain to the theater management as they too scared to solve this matters. Such a difficulties I had had those days to see mgr movies. Because of that sivagi got more viewers.

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